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Larry D Hall, NC Democratic House LeaderThe North Carolina House Democratic Caucus elected Representative Larry D. Hall (D-Durham) as the Democratic Leader of North Carolina House. Hall has served in the North Carolina House since 2006. Hall has been a key leader in the Caucus, serving as a Democratic Caucus Whip since 2009 and Freshman Leader for the House Democratic Caucus in 2006. Hall is a practicing attorney in Durham and previously served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps for 16 years. Hall was appointed chairman of the North Carolina Courts Commission in 2011.

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House Minority Leader Larry Hall asked Friday for a legislative inquiry into sizable raises handed out to former campaign staffers of Gov. Pat McCrory who now work in the Department of Health and Human Services.



House Democratic Leader Larry Hall said last week that many were handcuffed for “petty citations” and shouldn’t have been sent to jail.

“I believe we have a great police force here,” said Hall, a lawyer from Durham. “Now, who do they work for? They work for whoever is in the majority in the House and the Senate, who are responsible for the messages sent to them from the top.”


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — About 60 people were arrested inside the North Carolina legislature Monday night, bringing the total number of protesters taken to jail in recent weeks to well over 700.

Nearly all of those taken into custody while opposing polices advanced by the legislature’s Republican majority have been charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing and violating building rules. But what behavior constitutes a violation under those broad statutes is largely at the discretion of the legislature’s in-house police force.


The North Carolina NAACP and dozens of community groups from across the state will gather at the General Assembly at 5:00 pm for a “seventh wave” of Moral Monday protests. The week’s focus will be on access to health care and environmental justice, with demonstrators also speaking out against regressive state budget policies. Governor Pat McCrory and other conservative lawmakers have labeled those taking part in the recurring protests as ‘outside agitators,’ but House Minority Leader Rep. Larry D. Hall tells NC Policy Watch these are home-grown protesters who don’t like the policies that are being pushed through by the Republican-controlled legislature:

“If you are a citizen of North Carolina and you are not within that elite circle, you’re an outside agitator,” said Rep. Hall. “Again if you look at their policies, they are not making policies for average North Carolinians, for the future of North Carolina. Their policies are for themselves, right now. And if you’re not one of the select few, you’re an outside agitator.”

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I [Larry Hall] voted to sustain the Governor's veto because the bill [HB 392] was too broadly written and will essentially allow the state to fingerprint individuals simply for being poor and asking for help getting back on their feet.