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Larry D Hall, NC Democratic House LeaderThe North Carolina House Democratic Caucus elected Representative Larry D. Hall (D-Durham) as the Democratic Leader of North Carolina House. Hall has served in the North Carolina House since 2006. Hall has been a key leader in the Caucus, serving as a Democratic Caucus Whip since 2009 and Freshman Leader for the House Democratic Caucus in 2006. Hall is a practicing attorney in Durham and previously served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps for 16 years. Hall was appointed chairman of the North Carolina Courts Commission in 2011.

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Downtown DurhamDurham Moral Monday

Moral Monday comes to Durham at CCB Plaza


The Moral March to the Polls Rally will be held at the CCB Plaza, 201 N. Corcoran Street in Durham on Monday, July28th, starting at 5:30pm.


— House Democrats are accusing Republican Speaker Thom Tillis of abuse of power for refusing to release funds for caucus staff and using parliamentary maneuvers to cut off debate.



Access DeniedRepublicans have shut down the debate process and the opportunity for legislators to vote on select legislation. The motion to table, a motion that tables a bill and all its amendments thereby not allowing a vote, has been used in blatant attempts to silence any voice that does not agree with the Republican agenda.



Politians FightingBudget Work Still Delayed

Will Republicans come to blows with themselves?


Republican Senators and their staff walked out on House Republicans during a joint budget conference committee meeting.  "We saw theatrics, walkouts, finger-pointing and heated rhetoric," said Leader Hall.

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